July Update

July Update

It’s been two weeks since the first People Friendly changes were made in the ward and camera enforcement on the Prebend Street filter started yesterday.  

What the plan?  The five main cut-throughs in the ward are being blocked for motor-cars and the reduction in traffic will be significant now that the camera filter on Prebend Street has gone live.  

It's a pragmatic plan - walking, scooting or using a mobility scooter in the area should become more pleasant and motor vehicle access has been retained to every home in St Peter’s.

It’s clear on some streets traffic has already dropped so significantly that older residents are already walking on the road to socially distance and mobility scooters are using the road rather than the pavement giving a smoother ride.  

Sunday 3pm - Meet other members of St Peter’s 2020 this Sunday -  We will meeting for a socially-distanced catch-up by the green next to St James (opposite Saponara) this Sunday at 3pm. It’s a communal chance to meet, share a cup of tea and a cake and meet neighbours you may not yet know.  

Thank a councillor! The People Friendly Streets programme changes will result in more walking to school, safer crossings, quieter streets, cleaner air and more…..Yet with all change, it’s often a minority of objectors who shout the loudest.

Please drop your local ward councillors a line and share your initial impressions. Vivien.Cutler@islington.gov.uk, Martin.Klute@Islington.gov.uk and Alice.Perry@islington.gov.uk need to hear from you.  It is probably worth cc-ing the council's central feedback email on your correspondence via peoplefriendlystreets@islington.gov.uk

What’s the consultation period? What about emergency service access? Islington Council have put together a useful FAQ about the People-Friendly Streets initiative.  

Disabled access on our streets - Take two minutes to read Andy Greene's experiences and why he prefers to use his mobility scooter on low trafficked roads rather than on the pavement.

How do Low Traffic Neighbourhoods work? -   For those of you interested in knowing more about how schemes like the one implemented in the ward work .  Living Streets (previously the Pedestrian Association) have produced this informative video and pamphlet.