Urgent - Council Zoom call today

There are an important 7 days ahead of us and your support is needed if we are to secure calmer streets.

1) Join the Council Zoom this evening the Tuesday 5 October  5-6pm. You need to email the council via stpetersltn@islington.gov.uk to register for the event.  We need people to join the call and ensure that officers hear positive stories - please join if you can.

2) Has EVERYONE in your household responded to the official council survey? This matters, please complete this by the 11th Oct. https://survs.com/survey/fnct9j04oy

3) There is still time to get a poster up - It's  amazing to walk down streets  and see so many posters up.  It's a powerful signal to councillors.  

Did you know:

a) 18 months ago Bart's Hospital asked Islington Council to introduce low traffic neighbourhoods and pop-up bike lanes.  Many NHS staff use our neighbourhood to get to work.  

b) The increase in walking expect to see in the borough from People Friendly Streets should be large enough to have an impact on children's life expectancy?

c) Over 70% of local residents who complete our group survey reported they are less likely to drive short car journeys thanks to People Friendly Streets.

Thank you for your work to deliver People Friendly Streets to St Peter's and Islington!

Hanover School - School Street