Ward partnership meeting

Ward partnership meeting

Tomorrow evening councillors are holding the St Peter's Ward Partnership meeting. Everyone living locally is welcome and People Friendly Streets are on the agenda.  The session is from 6pm - 8pm and will run on Zoom.

Share you photos!

The best way to evidence the positive changes we see on our streets is to take photos.  Please feel  free to send to ChrisKenyon@gmail.com or to include @StPeters2020 on Twitter.

Hare are just some of the images that have stood out over the last couple of months:

Streets you want to walk-in like Popham Street
Less traffic on St Peter's street making both the bridge over the Canal and the exit onto Essex Road more pleasant

A very noticeable increase in mobility scooter and wheelchair users taking advantage of roads (which are smoother and easier to use than most pavements in the ward).

Early morning usage on St Peter's Street
Wheelchair user on Noel Road
Mobility scooter user on Danbury Street

Other benefits have been a change in how we see younger residents use the streets:

More independence for children to scoot, skate and cycle
COLAI students enjoying quieter streets and more space on their way to school
Pupils at St John's the Evangelist School 

And for schools that have been struggling with space during drop off - People Friendly streets have effectively created an additional school street and transformed a dangerous crossing into a drop off point

Delivery services are increasingly using bikes instead of mopeds in the area

and in addition to the quieter streets there is universal feedback that the air is cleaner with less motor traffic.

Finally.... and despite all the stories on NextDoor - it appears Cabs can still get into the ward - we don't know how they do it.

Black cab in St Peter's LTN

Thank you for ongoing support - please share photos and watch out for our survey on People Friendly Streets coming out shortly.