St Peter's 2020 - Initial survey results

St Peter's Residents living on 30 Streets across the area have shared their concerns about their streets and are calling on the council for changes to their streets.

St Peter's 2020 - Initial survey results

Over 220 residents living on thirty streets across the ward have shared their views on traffic over the last two weeks.  It is worth noting that 27% of respondents use a private car or cab (inline with Islington averages).

It is interesting that despite a 20mph limit and ubiquitous speed-bumps, 86% of residents cite speeding traffic as a concern in the ward.

Speeding threatens and scares residents and over 81% of residents reports seeing speeding or distracted driving on a regular basis.  ‌

Given this level of speeding, it is perhaps unsurprising that over 90% parents say that the volume and speed of traffic makes them less likely to encourage their child to walk or use a bike in the ward.

Transport for London are forecasting a huge increase in traffic in boroughs like Islington.  It's clear that residents are aware of this:

Based on these concerns, there is a strong feeling in the ward that the council should be introducing measures to reduce through traffic.


We have lots of comments that we aren sorting through. Here are just a few of them:

'It has reached the point where we can barely hear ourselves talk. We hear vehicles hit the road hump outside our house at least six times an hour - an indication that they are travelling at excessive speeds'.  Kate, Danbury Street
Satnavs are encouraging drivers to use us as a cut-through. Jo, Devonia Street
There are constant road rage incidences where drivers are disputing who has right of way as there is simply not enough room! Duncan Terrace
'No proper pedestrian crossing outside Graham street playground'. Haverstock Road
'I was hit by a car when crossing at the bottom of Packington Estate in November. My guess is that the driver was using a mobile phone because he didn’t see me.'
'The sound of motorbikes late at night is absolutely unbearable.' Martha, St Peter's Street
Air pollution is the main concern.  Tom, Rheidol Terrace
'Longer double yellow lines either side of street corners, where pedestrians cross, would make it safer to cross. For example on the corner of Gerrard road with Danbury street it is challenging if not impossible to clearly see oncoming traffic from the right due to cars parked.' Leanne, Devonia Road
Through traffic is clearly using quieter residential roads to avoid traffic lights on main routes. Maryland Walk
'Idling cars using our streets as ‘quiet streets’ to use phones, eat etc. Vans and lorries do it sometimes for well up to an hour'  Kate, Gerrard Road