We need a Covid transport plan

St Peter's is asking Islington Council to improve our streets. In the current public health and climate emergency, we need streets that are open to all

We need a Covid transport plan

We are residents living on over 25 streets in St Peter's asking Islington Council to urgently address traffic issues that impact the ward. In the current public health and climate emergency, we need streets that are open to all - especially those who need space to socially distance when they walk.

Islington's transport strategy links its residents' journeys to its public health and clean-air goals. During the Covid lockdown we have seen local residents use our streets in entirely new ways. Elderly residents trying to socially distance have taken to walking in the middle of the street, families are using their bikes without fear.

As the lockdown eases, Transport for London expects the number of car journeys in Islington to rise: people will no longer be willing or able to use the bus or Tube. Barts NHS Trust have asked Islington Council for Low Traffic Neighbourhoods to ensure that their 15,000 staff can get to work safely.

Unless the council enables safe routes for walking, the changes we have seen in the ward will quickly disappear. We are particularly concerned about:

  • an increase in the volume of traffic cutting through the ward
  • speeding on Prebend Street
  • the lack of space on St Peter's Street for the volume of traffic
  • improved accessibility for wheelchair and mobility-scooter users across the ward
  • the need for improvements to Prebend St, including the pedestrian crossing by St James' Church, and at the Prebend Street / St Peter's Street junction
  • improved conditions for pedestrians at the top of St Peter's Street near Essex Road and on the bridge by the Narrowboat pub
  • The lack of a pedestrian crossings to either Graham Street Park
  • provision for safe queuing outside shops on the green by St James' Church, on Packington Street and on St Peter's Street.
Residents socially distancing on Danbury Street

We want Islington Council to consider measures to address these problems and to swiftly introduce them to St Peter's.

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Supporters include:

  • Rachel Hanks - Bevan Street
  • Clare Cornell - Basire Street
  • Manny Akhtar - Basire Street
  • Alex Morton - Basire Street
  • Suzy Fogg - Danbury Street
  • Tristan Jones - Cruden Street
  • Nicole Itano - St Paul Street
  • Isbbel Myercough - Colebrooke Row
  • Jane Kilgannon - St Peter's Ward
  • Barnaby Phillips - St Paul Street
  • Lisa White - Noel Road
  • Mary Weaver - Cruden Street
  • Nicola Centi - St Peter's Street
  • Luigi Falconi - Packington Street
  • Jo Wollard - Duncan Terrace
  • Deborah Partington - Remington Street
  • L Saviana - St Peter's Street
  • Leila Pourakin - St Peter's Street
  • Chris Kenyon - Danbury Street
  • Anne Horlait - Arlington Avenue
  • Karina - Haverstock Street
  • Kylie Ayson - Cruden Street
  • Belle Williams - Packington Street